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Looking for a male Shih Tzu in mumbai

Hello if you’re having a male Shih Tzu please let me know if interested.. Contact on – elahiuzma19@gmail.com

I am looking for a male labrador or golden retriever for my girl Alexza.

Hey! I am looking for a healthy and friendly male labrador or golden retriever for my alexza. She is soo friendly and healthy too. If you want to contact than mail me  mayuripandit26@gmail.com

Havanese female

Need a Havanese dog for mating with my Havanese female, has to be white in colour

Need male mini maltese for my female maltese

MUMBAI/HYDERABAD im looking for a male maltese for my female maltese. She is 5 yrs old and weighs 2.1kg, so im looking for a male under 3kg max and purebreed. breeders pls excuse, im not doing this for any commercial purpose these puppies will belong to me and male owner only Contact me on 85912 […]


  • Savio Rio

    Are you registered with KCI

  • akshat

    yes i am interested i have feamle german shepherd

    • Deepak

      Have a Male german shepherd and looking for a bitch for mating.

  • Preti

    I have female pug ,she ready for metting

    • PawsDate

      Hi Preti,

      Location? As in State and the city

    • Naresh Patekar

      I have male pug

    • Varun Dangri

      I have a male pug

  • Anonymous


  • PawsDate

    Dog has been found; no more help needed!!

    PS.: Removed Mobile number and the reward money from the post.